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Annyon Haseyo!
My name is 장아라 from arayokorean.

You can keep the know-how for 15 years alive

arayokorean will open,

I am very happy and excited.

From now on, more people

I would like to do my best so that I can enjoy learning Korean.

Thank you for your interest and support.

  • (現) arayokorean 代表

  • カナタ韓国語学院 マネージャー

  • 広島haksong語学教室マネージャー

  • 時事韓国語アカデミー副院長

  • YBMご学院韓国語 マネージャー

  • トトロハウス 韓国語講師

  • 延世大学 教育大学院韓国語教育卒業

  • ソウル女子大学 日本語日本文学卒業

  • 韓国語教員資格2級

Korean language education aimed at by arayokorean

I started teaching Korean to Japanese people in 2004 when I was in college.

It was around the time I was living as an exchange student in Japan.


At that time, the full-scale Korean wave began, and I met many Japanese who started learning Korean.

Based on that experience, I decided to become a Korean teacher.

After that, I wanted to teach Korean professionally, so I entered Yonsei University Graduate School of Education.

I learned a lot about Korean language education.


Especially about the comparison of Korean and Japanese grammar, the tendency of Japanese students, etc.

I researched while referring to various papers.

After that, for 15 years, I have been teaching Korean to students from various countries including Japanese.

Especially interested in teaching Japanese

I've been studying for a class for Japanese people, so  

You can surely and neatly solve the mistakes that Japanese people tend to make.

Compared to vocabulary and grammar skills among Japanese students

I think there are many students who do not improve their conversation skills.

Even if such a student fails, he is confident and based on what he has learned so far.

I try to continue practicing to talk about what I want to convey little by little.

As a result, I can speak Korean more and more,

The number of students who feel their own growth has increased.

arayokorean made use of my 15 years of know-how in Korean language education

This is a Korean language class specializing in Japanese .

Above all, for those who have been learning Korean for a long time but their speaking ability does not improve

I would like to teach you delicately and politely.

ladies and gentlemen! Would you like to express what you want to speak in Korean to your heart's content?

arayokorean will support you together!


arayokorean 장아라

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